Weekends and holidays lunch
A.                   Antipasti
Soup of the day
Pasta* (choose one)
・NAPOLITAN w/ homemade tomato sause
・Assorted mushrooms
・Cod roe & Garlic
・Vegetables in season w/ bacon
¥1320(incl. tax)
B.                   Antipasti (2plates)
Soup of the day
Pasta* (choose one)
・Anchovy in homemade tomato sause
・TRIPPA sause (Cow orgen meat w/tomato sause)
・Cod roe & Potatoes
・GENOVESE (Basil sause)
・Assorted mushrooms in cream sause 
¥1650(incl. tax)
Both courses come with either black tea or coffee
*Selections of pasta will be changed by seasons w/o notice.
Dinner course of the day (sample)
Fun dish of the day
Pasta** (one of below served)
・NAPOLITAN w/ homemade tomato sause
・Assorted mushrooms
・Cod roe & Garlic 
Entree** (one of fish dish and meat dish served)
ACQUA PAZZA (Bouillabaisse)
・Meuniere of white-meat fish
・Deep-fried blue-skinned fish
・TRIPPA (Stewed cow orgen meat w/tomatoes)
・Stewed sparerib
・Deep-fried chicken marinated w/ spicy sause
Dessert of the day
¥3300(incl. tax) 
 **Selections of pasta and entree will be changed by seasons w/o notice.
※Weekday lunch course starts from¥2200 and dinner course(incl.weekends & holidays) starts from¥3300 are also available by reservation only. 
Please ask the course menu details when you make a reservation.
Side orders / Drinks  (
House                                                       ¥---
Cod roe and potatoes                          ¥550
Smoked salmon and cabbages              ¥550
Minestrone                                                ¥---
Ciambotta (Ratatouille)                           ¥---
Acqua pazza (Bouillabaisse)             ¥---
Side dishes
Vegetables Fritto                                                       ¥550
White-meat fish's Carpaccio                                        ¥660
Deep-fried chicken marinated w/ spicy sause           ¥660
and more...


 Beer(500ml)                                ¥550



Bottled wine(Red, White)              ¥2750~


House wine(Red, White)
Glass                              ¥550~
Carafe(500ml)             ¥1300~
Sake(Small)                                     ¥550
        (Large)                        ¥900
Junmai(Small)                                    ¥650
           (Large)                          ¥1100
Daiginjo(Small)                                  ¥850        *Brewed sake from finest rice
             (Large)                     ¥1550
               Barley(1shot)               ¥500~
               Potato(1shot)          ¥500~
               Brown suger(1shot)     ¥---
Oolong tea                                    ¥220
Jasmine tea                                             ¥220
Ginger ale                                     ¥220
Coke                                      ¥220
Grapefruit juice                      ¥220
Tomato juice                                  ¥220
Homemade red perilla juice                ¥220
Non-alcohol beer                                ¥350